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Back in the 1970s an interesting art rock band called 10cc, hailing from Salford and Prestwich in England burst onto the music scene achieving considerable commercial success. Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme wrote and recorded together for three years before assuming the name of 10cc in 1972.

After Godley and Creme left the band in 1976, Gouldman and Stewart remained. When Stewart left the band in 1996, Gouldman continued to lead a touring version of 10cc all the way to present day, with Rick Fenn on guitar and vocals, Paul Burgess at the drums and multi-instrumentalists Mick Wilson and Mike Stevens.

Back in the day, there was controversy on who originally came up with the name 10cc. The band says it’s a sly joke indicating the average amount a male ejaculates is 9cc, but they claimed 10cc cause they were a bit better than average. However, Jonathan King of UK Records claims he named them after a dream he had revealing they would become number one on the music charts.

Regardless of the reason, with hits like Dreadlock Holiday, The Things We Do for Love, Rubber Bullets and Donna to name a few, King’s dream did in fact became a reality.

Recently, 10cc’s world tour graced Frankston Arts Centre and they most certainly didn’t disappoint their loyal supporters. Producing a tight, polished and lively sound, the guys (not spring chickens anymore) belted out all their favourites with much story telling by Gouldman between songs, all creating a magical atmospheric journey down memory lane for new and old enthusiasts alike.

Gouldman has managed to keep the band’s earlier appeal alive and did all their songs justice. In fact, during Feel the Benefit, a rift in the space time continuum opened up and swallowed the entire audience into a soupy mix of stunning guitar riffs, tight instrumental overlays and interstellar rhythms, thus dragging all into “The Zone” for what seemed like an ethereal eternity. When the song finished, revelers were unceremoniously ejected, leaving everyone breathless and stunned. Astounding!

Abbey Stone was their support act and with a blend of pop, soul and rock music in her original songs performed on keyboard and guitar, her performance was greatly appreciated not only for her talent and good looks, but also for 10cc’s engagement of local talent to support them.

Stone has spent her time of late between New York, Nashville, Los Angeles and Australia writing and recording her own music and is creating a huge fan base for herself.

With this knowledge it’s no doubt 10cc knew her engaging vocals and sparkly personality would add that “touch of glamour” to the show.

First published in Mint Magazine – December 2015

Author: Anne-Marie Tunks

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