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The Caravan Music Club has become well-known for hosting special musical events in a relatively intimate setting. Now and again, a show proves so popular that two nights at the venue are required and that is exactly the case with Stephen Cummings’ imminent celebration of his two most acclaimed releases: Lovetown and A New Kind of Blue.

Whilst Cummings has enjoyed a place amongst our most revered songwriters for quite some time now, he has never quite managed to live down the artistic success of these records, released twenty-eight years ago. That’s both a blessing and a curse for the artist, but this month at The Caravan he’ll be looking on the bright side, gathering together much of his original band (including Peter Luscombe, Shane O’Mara and Steve Hadley) for an all-star performance of both records in full.

The shows will take place on February 21 and 22 (Saturday and Sunday) and tickets can be purchased from For those unfamiliar with Stephen Cummings’ particular take on pop music, a visit to The World of Stephen Cummings (aka will help you get your head around one of Melbourne’s most iconic and original voices.

First published in Mint Magazine – February 2016

Author: Anne-Marie Tunks

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