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Emma Louise‘I wrote Underflow about that feeling that swells up inside of you when you know that things in your life are about to change. It’s like an undercurrent that at first you ignore, and it builds and builds until you know you need to make a decision, albeit hard and scary at the time. Then the change comes, and everything is new and different.’ – Emma Louise

Such is the sentiment that underpins Emma Louise’s stunning new single, ‘Underflow’. Produced by Pascal Gabriel (Goldfrapp, Ladyhawke) and premiered by Beats 1, the song offers an insight into the artist’s world and a glimpse at her new album – due for release in early 2016 – also marking her first official release with Liberation Music.

Talents like Emma Louise are rare. A true artist in every sense of the word, the Brisbane songstress’s music is closely entwined with her being. Her music draws you in, urging you to dig deeper, creating a long-lasting impression. Like much of Emma’s work, her new single ‘Underflow’ captures a very real feeling and emotion, building lusciously to a glorious crescendo that washes over the listener in soft, cascading waves. 

Emma herself created the single artwork for ‘Underflow’, a testament to the fact that everything she releases is 110% Emma Louise. She painted the single cover’s protagonist bald, and in a classic case of life imitating art, later had to shave her own head due to a mishap during the making of the video.

Emma has just finished writing and recording her second album, and is now immersed in creating the artwork, images, videos and costumes that will accompany this very exciting next chapter.

A fiercely independent, creative and inspiring musician.

First published in Mint Magazine – November 2015

Author: Anne-Marie Tunks

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