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emileesouthThere are few more exotic locations I can think of than Melbourne’s Northern suburbs. Ok, that’s not quite true – maybe Hawaii is a little more exotic, but only by a whisker. Then again, perhaps Paris gets the nod over both – thanks to a few hundred years more history and some more expensive shops.  Well, if you can’t decide between the three, maybe you should simply check out the music of Emilee South – who has honed her craft in exactly those three locales.

Working in the millinery business (that’s hatmaking, for us less-educated), South literally lived the endless summer for years, all the while honing her craft as a folky/bluesy/rootsy songwriter and impressive guitar picker. Her debut EP, Aloha Au Revoir, is heavily influenced by her Globetrotting (as demonstrated by the title itself). This fusion of musical styles and cultural references is an extremely refreshing package; one that has made Emilee the darling of Melbourne audiences during her frequent residencies and front-bar shows of late. She’s recently made a big impression on the festival circuit, debuting with a tight-knit band of Melbourne’s finest.

Look out for Emilee in a local venue in 2016 and discover what she’s all about at

 First published in Mint Magazine – December 2015

Author: Anne-Marie Tunks

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