Theatre popping up all over

Picture: Gracie Lee Thorpe


Anywhere Theatre Festival took Frankston by storm last year with a wild and wacky assortment of performances in all kinds of unusual locations from skate parks and climbing centres to train stations and shipping containers!

Established in Brisbane (2011) by Alex McTavish and Paul Osuch, this festival breaks the mould of the traditional theatre experience creating a new model for performers, audiences and the businesses hosting them.

From 21 August to 6 September expect the unexpected in Frankston as comedy, drama, dance and acrobatic performances pop up in some out of the blue places, like inside a car, at a barber shop, in someone’s home, in shop fronts and some secret locations to be announced. This innovative approach to attracting new audiences to performances by putting them anywhere, but in a theatre is great for local performers, audiences and businesses.

If you’d like to laugh in the streets of Frankston, sit out in the sunshine or wait to board a train to your secret performance destination, pick up a copy of the Anywhere Theatre Festival program at a local venue or visit their website and start planning your performance odyssey now.

First published in Mint – August 2015

Author: Andrea Louise Thomas

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