Liz Stringer & Van Walker


There’s something about music that brings people together. I mean it really brings people together. Are you getting the hint? Do I need to spell it out? Perhaps it’s the late nights, the alcohol, the cheap hotel rooms and the lonely hours on the highway but, whatever it is, musicians seem to be attracted to each other – and they often ‘hook up’.

Some artists/lovers successfully work together (think Beyonce and Jay Z) while others save it for the red carpet (think John Mayer and Taylor Swift, John Mayer and Katy Perry or John Mayer and Jessica Simpson). Either way, these musical pairings have a way of capturing our imaginations, often making both parties into bigger stars, regardless of how long the relationship lasts (think John Mayer and…well, you get the picture).

Here in Melbourne, we have our own great musical love match, but it flies well under the radar – possibly because this pair has always focused on being good rather than famous. And when I say good, it’s a major understatement, for Liz Stringer and Van Walker are two of the best singers and songwriters that Australia has produced. If you like Paul Kelly, or Bob Dylan, or Joni Mitchell – in fact, if you even just like music or storytelling – you should check out these two when they’re next in the neighbourhood.

Lucky for us, they’ll be at The Red Hill Pavilion on Friday 1 May, with special guest Heidi Luckhurst.

Grab your tickets from and help make Stringer and Walker the headline-grabbing couple they deserve to be!

First published in Mint Magazine – April 2015

Author: Mint Gigs

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