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Maria Cassar (Bluemuse)By TERRI LEE FATOUROS

Bluemuse is talented singer, songwriter Maria Cassar, who happens to perform a mixture of originals and covers expressed with a unique twist. Cassar is a blues/folk artist with a strong feminine soul and has been described as having an ethereal voice full of spirit and narrative. 

“I’ve often been asked about my writing process which is tricky because I’m not a trained musician. I have a beautiful 1967 Martin Guitar, and my thoughts on this have been confirmed by friends who have played my guitar; that it holds the songs. There isn’t any formula, music or lyrics first, the songs just evolve out of the spirit of the moment. I’m lucky because I have the opportunity to express myself this way. There’s always a story about something, it may as well have meaning.” 

Over the past two years Maria has played mostly on the Mornington Peninsula at Soundbar, Captain Picnics, The Mornington Brewery and Peninsula Blues Club. Before going solo Cassar performed at Baha with The Swamp Box, an alternative bluesy line-up that started as a duo but often attracted additional impromptu guest musos on the night. 

Since then she has embarked on a solo project and like The Swamp Box, there’s always been more than one. Given her eclectic style and musical philosophy it has been and will continue to be inclusive of musicians welcomed to the stage to join and build upon the raw talent. 

“Music for me is about sharing with other musicians and with the audience. I don’t get into that whole competitive side of the industry, as that’s not for me. I want to keep it real and enjoyable as I believe other people always have something to offer. I enjoy it when somebody starts playing an original song and hooks into its feel, and then takes it somewhere else. It’s joyful.  Each performance offers a unique feel that incorporates a symbiosis of style, genre and spontaneity.”

Cassar finds “improvising and being in the moment’ keeps her on her toes and is exciting, as she never knows what she’ll create or what her audience will get.

The haunting talent of Peter Thorpe on harmonica accompanies Cassar regularly, thus providing a velvet blend alongside Warren O’Neil on guitar and Mark McCloud on percussion, who of late has played with them at God’s Kitchen.  A performance from the heart, the show is an emotive journey of indie/folk/blues with a powerful edge.

A future project sees Cassar joining Fresh Start Cafe inspired by singer-songwriter, Tiana Luciana. This will be held at Fresh Start Organic Café in Wells Street, Frankston. The project will be an amazing platform for original artists to showcase their music. The first event is planned for September and it will kick off with seven artists in a live performance that will be recorded by industry man, Ian Pav. (To find out a bit more about Ian Pav, please read Tid Bits and Tales, below).

Bluemuse is back at Soundbar on Sunday 16 August and Sunday 13 September. However, this time the delightful and talented Mike Elrington will be accompanying her. “I haven’t had the opportunity to play with Mike yet but the show is bound to be beyond description, he is such a powerful and soulful musician, so the blend will be magic.”

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First published in Mint – August 2015

Author: Terri Lee Fatouros

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