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The award-winning community radio station 88.3FM opened their doors the other day, allowing the public to meet its presenters. With a rich and diverse selection of shows, broadcasting live 24 hours a day to the southern, southeastern and bayside suburbs of Melbourne and streaming live around the world, people got an insight into how a community radio station operates.

Kansas Kitty, aka Frances Fairhall co-hosts a blues program with Mint’s very own Blues Illustrated columnist Greg Fisher on alternating Thursday evenings, between 10pm and midnight.

However, Fairhall’s Thursday time slot, Woman in Blues, runs until 6am so she dedicates the first two hours (10 to midnight) to lead female vocalists from the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s, and in the past has featured the likes of Ma Rainey, mother of the blues and Bessie Smith.  Once the bewitching hour arrives she plays whatever her audience designates as blues, which includes contemporary, traditional and new blues music from artists like Kimbra and often has live guests and interviews. After midnight, Fairhall picks up overseas audiences in America and the UK and has quite a big following.

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Greg Fisher writes the ‘Blues Illustrated’ column for this magazine, supporting the blues world and keeps punters up to date on what’s happening around town.

However, his radio show on 88.3 Southern FM features only Australian blues, both old and new, with all the latest CD releases, reviews, interviews, local music guides and regular roundups from the local blues clubs.

In Fisher’s words, “Greg has an alter ego… he comes out on Thursday nights and he retreats very early on Friday to his other self,” he smiles. “So I morph and get white line fever crossing into this building… I have a lot of fun inflicting my taste in music on an unsuspecting world.”

Fisher’s program represents one of the three blues shows on

88.3FM, giving the opportunity to numerous emerging artists to showcase their band and launch their music.

Established bands have even aired first-release songs, giving listeners the opportunity of hearing their latest stuff first hand.

As a dedicated blues man, Fisher endeavors to be an ambassador for MBAS (Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society) by informing listeners what’s happening around the town in venues, and what the association is doing.

Blues Illustrated radio show – every second Thursday between 10pm and midnight.

Mark Missen is another announcer who has three programs. The first one is Saturday morning from 10am until 12pm and is a themed program called Radio GaGa, where he picks music based around particular themes. It might be a one hit wonder, or songs by left hand guitarists… anything can happen!

Sunday mornings between 9 and 12 is his summer sports program that represents local sports featuring lawn bowls, cricket, tennis, basketball and any and everything sport.

On Sunday afternoon he produces Live Sunday Sessions – an hour of live-to-air concerts in the studio. This is where new, emerging and established bands get a chance to play live in the studio and showcase their music.

So for any bands wanting to showcase their music on live radio, contact Mark at

How very fortunate for emerging, up and coming and even established bands and musicians to have a community radio station happy to showcase their music for free. Tune in to 88.3, Southern FM!

First published in Mint Magazine – December 2015

Author: Anne-Marie Tunks

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