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Soy2WITH a second storey balcony overlooking the north end of Main Street and the bay’s best views, Restaurant Soy is one of the hottest spots in town. A Mornington staple for nine years, owner and manager Dan is proud to serve some of the Peninsula’s finest Asian dishes.

Whether it’s a cosy, romantic dinner surrounded by the warm, colourful interior, sharing a fine Peninsula wine with friends on the sun-drenched deck or an unorthodox corporate function or Christmas party, Soy caters to groups of all shapes and sizes, seating up to Soy140 on the balcony and 140 inside. Most of the staff are proud, long-term affiliates and treat the business as if it were their own, happy to serve you from midday til close.

You’ll want to book ahead though – while it’s essential on weekends, the restaurant starts filling up from the moment they open the doors. People come from all over the Peninsula and greater Melbourne to feast on signature dishes like prawn-stuffed eggplant with light oyster sauce, Canadian scallops with ginger and spring onion, or their modern classic: pan-fried Shanghai pork dumplings with red vinegar. Duck is a big hit, and they’re one of the few eateries that have a dedicated gluten-free menu! Yum Cha à la carte is a Sunday afternoon specialty, perfect for group lunches.

They do a great Asian tea too. Apart from serving the best available tea leaves straight from the pot, their latest addition is the blooming tea. With a range of flavours, some sweet, some mild, you watch the leaves and petals unfurl in front of you, seeping flavour into the small glass teapot. It’s a visual delight as well as an aromatic experience, with your choice of black to white and everything in between.

With doilies and furnishings from across the orient, Soy presents a sophisticated cultural and culinary fantasia you won’t find anywhere else. Their bay views will bring a tear to your eye, and with friendly staff and expert presentation, it’s the place to go for your next Asian dining experience.

First published in Mint Magazine – January 2016

Author: Anne-Marie Tunks

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